Tattoo Numbing Cream | Numit Australia

You don't have to suffer for your body art - let numit help numb the pain of your next tattoo.

And if you change your mind, numit can also help you tough it during tattoo removal.

Proudly Australian made and owned by Ego, the experts in skin care

Numit cream has two active ingredients (local anaesthetics) that work together to give a skin-numbing effect, so you can tough it through a range of common minor superficial medical and cosmetic procedures.

How Numit works

Numit contains a synergistic combination of lidocaine (also called lignocaine) and prilocaine. This combination of local anaesthetics can penetrate the skin and target nerve endings more easily. This helps stop pain signals from starting and spreading.

Dual-active anaesthesia

Lidocaine (lignocaine) 2.5% w/w and prilocaine 2.5% w/w combination cream can help numb the full skin depth. It provides effective analgesia for up to 2–4 hours.

Droplets of liquid anaesthetic penetrate the skin to numb the site. These droplets also form a ‘reservoir’ in the top layer of skin.

The reservoir continues to release anaesthetic into the skin’s deeper layers, which increases the numbing effect for up to 60 minutes after the cream is removed.