Numit Skin Numbing Cream

Numbing Cream
Why Numit?

Numit contains a harmonious combination of lidocaine 2.5% w/w (also called lignocaine) and prilocaine 2.5% w/w. Studies have shown that this combination of local anaesthetics can penetrate the skin and target nerve endings. This helps stop pain signals from starting and spreading1,2.

This creates a skin-numbing effect, so you, or your child can tough it through a range of common minor superficial medical and cosmetic procedures, needles and vaccinations, or other minor procedures. Numit is suitable for infants^, children, adults and the elderly. 

Why Numb It?

Did you know that approximately 85% of all hospital admissions receive IV therapy4? Needles are an unavoidable part of childhood and adult life. However, the associated pain doesn’t have to be. 

Fear of needles can begin with an unpleasant experience and evolve into a lifelong phobia5 creating many stressful situations particularly in those who may require regular injections such as children and adults with diabetes. Fear of needles can lead to patients refusing to adhere to their insulin schedule6 and being generally reluctant to get necessary injections. 

A combination numbing cream can take the pain out of injections and minor procedures, helping to avoid those bad experiences that may contribute to a fear of needles. 

Numit is an easy to use and affordable Australian anaesthetic cream with at least 2 hours of numbing action. 

Waxing, epilation and laser hair removal can also become a less stressful and painful experience with the help of a numbing anaesthetic cream. Tattoos and tattoo removal are less daunting with the help of an anaesthetic skin numbing cream.

Numit Cream

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* Price based on online discount pharmacy purchase prices as per June 17, 2020

^Not suitable for premature infants or infants between 0-12 months of age receiving methaemoglobin-inducing agents.